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About us or who are we?  We are two companies.  A California corporation, Calrima Retirement Services & Insurance Solutions, Inc DBA Calrima Financial & Insurance Agency, “Calrima”.  Our Calrima website.

We also own and operate our own Registered Investment Adviser firm, Onesta Wealth Management, LLC.  You can get a good sense of where we stand at iXray Retirement website

Our Founder - Richard Loek
Our Founder – Richard Loek

What we do –  we identify, isolate and help eliminate financial issues that could impact your future.  By addressing these issues you’ll have peace of mind regarding your financial future.

As a fee based Advisor (pricing) we are able to render second opinions to confirm what you are doing is appropriate for you or simply expose red-flags or issues that you need to address with your Advisor.

When your Advisor took the time to review exactly what recommendations were made and how they will protect your future – how was that process for you?  It might not be that important as you can always scale back later in life or return to the workforce.

When your Advisor reviewed your thirty year financial plan with you and discussed your concerns were addressed by the plan, how was that meeting for you?

Our initial consultation is complementary – would a second opinion ever be a waste of your time?

Here are some of the areas we discuss during our complementary consultation…  [VIDEOS]

  • Above all, answer your questions
  • What are your goals
  • When did or will you retire
  • What does retirement likely look like for you
  • Do you need help
  • Are we a fit for each other

If we are a fit we will sort out what the next steps are.  These could a comprehensive review of your plan or we may work together to build a 30-year plan for you.

Pick up the phone and call us toll-free 866-589-9366 to schedule your complementary appointment.

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